Matt Parker was born in the north of England. He lived for twenty or so years, doing the usual things that people do, before going to University in South Wales to study art and creative writing. After that, he got a job doing something completely unrelated to those two things. Several similar jobs later, he was fortunate enough to be made redundant after the company he was working for relocated to the depths of Flintshire, and with a pocket-full of severance pay, decided to take a holiday.

He went to Canada and Alaska, in the hope of finding peace and tranquillity. He found bears, and giant mosquitos, and his future wife. Fifteen years later, and Matt Parker is living in Switzerland with said wife. After the birth of his first son, he decided it was time to try and earn a living by doing something he was actually good at, and started writing again. With the birth of his second son, he realised that starting a career in writing right at the point where there would be two screaming children in the house, was probably not the best idea he’d ever had.

Despite all that, he’s managed to write some books.