I’d like to thank several people for helping me to get this far in my publishing career, though most of them probably don’t know just how helpful they have been.

Michael J Sulivan It was after reading Michael’s short story, ‘The Jester’, that I was inspired to write ‘Demon Hunted’, when I realised that a story did not have to begin at the beginning. Without that little bit of inspiration, I may never have started writing the stories that became ‘Tales of Engines & Demons’.

Michael is also incredibly supportive of his fellow authors, be they indie, traditional, established , or aspiring, and it was thanks to him that I discovered the next name on my list of people to thank.

David Gaughran  Without David’s book ‘Let’s Get Digital’, I may never have made the great leap to Self Publishing. Even if I had, I’d probably still be sitting at my laptop, scratching my head, wondering what it was all about. David has shattered many Self Publishing myths, and dispelled the stress I had at the thought of marketing.

T J Moore  When editing ‘Tales of Engines & Demons’ TJ went beyond what was expected of him. Not only did he supply on-point copy editing, but he also delivered some valuable insights into the overall structure of the work, and with his help I have produced something that I am immensely proud of. Working with him has also taught me some valuable lessons that I’ll be taking forward into my future work.

Guido Henkel  and Kovid Goyal  without whom I would never have been able to give my work the formatting treatment it deserves. Guido has an extensive Blog, and a published work on formatting E-books, and Kovid is the creator of calibre. Together, they made the formatting of ‘Tales of Engines & Demons’ an absolute breeze.

Virginia Marybury  For just being bloomin’ marvelous.