Sentient Creatures & Critters – Part Two

So here is the second part of the appendices posts. M through to Z of my creature creations. I’m glad I’ve managed to get two critters starting with Z, but not regretting having nothing beginning with X. Maybe I should throw something in there for fun. Xoxicox has a nice ring to it, but then again, maybe not. Anything starting with X just has a ring of trying too hard about it. Except Xenomorph maybe, but that one’s taken. Dammit!

Oh,well. Here goes, and we start with my favourite creature of all. M is for-

Madriel – The riding beasts of the Order of The Plains

Masdon – Beasts of burden used by farmers and travellers to pull wagons

Metal crousks – Metallic crustaceans

Minotaur – Horned biped, named because of its resemblance to the mythical creatures of ancient earth. Of reasonable intellect, capable of using many types of weapons, though many favour the war-axe, or double bladed great-spear. They once acted as the core-guards of the Predation.

Mowmok – Small multi-limbed simian – originally lived in the Cusp Jungle – Many can be found in the Growers. Highly sophisticated linguistic skills

Nadidge – Chameleon like predators –  sub-demon assassins

Panak – Bird with long spines that live in the Cusp Jungle. Spines are often worn in the hair by the Cusp natives

Pihratis – Giant insectile creature with large bladed fore-limbs and spiny hind-limbs. Vicious, but not very clever.

Rachnid – Creature that builds spikes of sweet tasting edible wax to attract insects for food

Ramrok – Mountain dwelling hibernating creature

Razorbeaks – Large vicious riding birds – Often favoured by outlaws

Redbugs – Fat flightless insects that live in the high protein blood-grass beneath Cherossa trees

Ruteia – small scaly plains dweller – Often domesticated and used on farms for pest control

Silth – Huge predator that lives beneath the sands of the southern deserts. Lays its eggs inside its prey

Sithkall – Creatures favoured by the Predation for hunting prey. Beasts of instinct with limited intelligence.

Tragasaur – Large reptilian creature, farmed in the north for its hide, which is waterproof and highly durable

Trope – Spotted Saltwater fish

Vesk – flightless, colony dwelling insects. Often kept in pyramidal hives in gardens, their hive syrup is often used in the production of hive wine

Volus – Predator of the plains and the hills and mountains of Monmellier

Zule – Exoskeleton animal used for pulling carts and small waggons

Zvocust – Sentient insectile species, famed for their brutality. Often employed by merchants to act as trail-guards on the more dangerous trade routes


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