Sentient Creatures & Critters – Part One

There world of Engines & Demons is teeming with odd lifeforms and sentient beings, so I’m taking a break from Births & Marriages to post some sample appendices. They will include, not only creatures from ‘Tales of Engines & Demons’, but also those that will soon be appearing in my upcoming work ‘Pride’.

Anadomites- Microscopic metal eating organisms

Archapids- Large scavenging insects, often found residing among the stones of old buildings

Bloodhawks – Birds created by the Predation. Avian killers with bladed wingtips. Typically deployed during a siege to spread panic and chaos among the defenders on a fortress’ walls

Boak -Thick skinned reptile hunted in the south for its meat and skin. Capable of eating its prey whole and then vomiting up anything it can’t digest

Borak – Large, ugly, semi aquatic hairless animal. Bred for meat

Bottom-skank – Saltwater fish

Broindell – Heavy reptilian riding beast. Originally used for hunting boak, but also often favoured by mercenaries

Brutger – Mountain dwelling creatures from the highlands of Flammel. Many brutger make their living transporting and trading highland spring water in borderland towns in the southern deserts.

Buscets – Large flying insects

Corpse-gulls – Vagrant sea birds, commonly found in coastal areas of the lost lands. Carriers of the bloodcoral disease, their bodies are often covered in open, rotting sores

Crak – Bright red scavenging birds

Chivrahl – Huge armoured beings that live in the lands beyond the western marches

Crennil- Yellow skinned, flying mammal. Likes to hunt Redbugs in the Blood-grass

Felgar – Related to Madriel. Used by ranchers to herd Tragasaur

Genisian – Long lived inhabitants of the southern desert

Ghat –  Hermaphrodite herd animal from the mountains- bred for its fleece and its milk

Grenkep – Large animals used by merchants and travellers for pulling waggons

Gulljamlet – Mythical beast that supposedly lives in the deserts of Kla

Hamabird -Flightless birds bred for meat. Originating in the eastern isles

Herredna – Tribe of creatures that dwell in the barren hills. Once inhabited the plains around Klinberg until conquering noble houses drove them away

Hully – Saltwater fish

Hydrayet – Fast moving riding beast

Javac – Riding beast of the Order of the Hills and High Places

Juddra – Large beasts of burden. Used for hauling wagons by the Engineers

Kaddena – Vicious plains dwelling creature

Karabok – Bipedal herd animals of the plains. Chief diet of the Madriel pride

Khlith – Creatures that dwell in the lowland marshes and some coastal areas

Kmarge – Riding beast of the southern deserts. Famed for its ability to endure the south’s hostile environment. Able to survive for up to a week without water

Krebian – Small reptile. Often kept as pets

Krieve – Creatures of the swarm mind – Predators of the southern deserts

Lampslucks – Bright shelled mollusc. Available in abundance along coastal areas. Their defence mechanism consists of a hallucinogenic compound that renders anything eating it insensible


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