Welcome to the world of E & D. If you’ve read my work, and have arrived here on purpose, then greetings. If you’ve stumbled in here by mistake, then please do stay and take a look around; you may find something interesting. In fact, if you like stories about decrepit knights, savage beasts, miscreant heroes, treacherous hearts, cannibalistic fishermen, corrosion spitting demons, and enormous steam-engines, then I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking.

It’s early days yet, but over the coming months I’ll be posting regular items here that will reveal new facets of this mad bad world of Engines & Demons, and will be sharing some details that I hope readers will find entertaining. Not everything that I post will be about the strange and the extraordinary; in fact some of it might even be downright mundane, but in this world, even the mundane can be interesting.

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